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    Audit You Life

    What is a life audit and why should you conduct one? A life audit is an examination of your life. It's you taking an honest look at where you are investing your most valuable resources... your time, money and energy. You should conduct a life audit because it provides you with self-insight and self-awareness. Are you filling your days with the people, things, places, beliefs that will move you towards your goals? If not, how will you ever get there? Take this quote: Your time is your life. Period. How you spend it ends up being what your life is. ~Dr. Henry Cloud Dr. Cloud's words are so true. In my video message below, I show you how to audit your your life and determine if it aligns w

    Release the Struggle: 5 Tips To Help You

    No one should be struggling ALL the time. It's not normal, healthy or sustainable. Yet, so many people choose to create unnecessary struggle for themselves. How? You create struggle and stress in your life when you make decisions, go places, spend money or associate with people that have already PROVEN to have the opposite outcome of what you say you want. Watch my brief video for five tips to help you release the struggle TODAY. And don't forget to grab the handout here.

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    "Life is simple, stop making it so complicated!"

    ~Fay Ferguson

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