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    Six Tips for Living an Epic Life in 2018

    My 2017 started out with energy, momentum and big goals. Then it not only fell flat, but went way left. Back in January, I had no clue that I was months away from losing my mother. It was an unexpected emotional takeover that left me so blindsided that I took to my bed for a couple of months to grieve. I’m glad I did. It’s would’ve been hard to use work and other things to distract from a loss that significant. That still means that while the year started with earnest intentions of doing great things and achieving big goals, many of my plans fizzled out or got hijacked by disappointments, setbacks, or not being motivated. Did that happen to you, too? Well, the good news for us both is that w

    Are You Ready for Real Change?

    It’s hard to live an epic life if you aren’t willing to change. You have to be willing to do things differently. Before I kickstarted my epic life, I had a gnawing feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Let’s describe it as a malcontentment. In my spirit, I knew there was more but didn’t know what the ‘more’ was or the change that was required of me. It was stressful. Have you ever experienced this? Do you say you want more, better, different but fall short when it comes to taking action? For example: You say your want to lose weight, but you continue to eat a lot and move a little or give up when you don’t get instant results. You say you want to save money, but you gamble, impulse-buy,

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