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    Is What You Want Unattainable?

    I speak with so many people through my work who want things that aren’t attainable for them, yet. Some strongly believe they deserve a promotion at work. Some wish their kids would make better choices. Some really want to get married. But, their expectations are not realistic, without putting some skin in the game. Typically, I find that there’s a gap in how people view themselves and how they’re perceived by others. When I bring this gap to their attention, I’m often met with resistance. Let’s say you want a promotion or leadership position in your career. According to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation, a non-profit research organization in New York, being perceived as leadership

    #1 Reason You’re Stuck in a Rut

    Are you beginning to feel angry and bitter because you’ve been waiting for something to happen and it hasn’t yet? Maybe a career promotion, commitment or an apology? Did you experience a setback that‘s interrupted your normal and you can’t seem to get over it? If your answer to either of these is yes, you’re probably stuck in a rut. Being stuck in a rut can feel like you’re trapped in muck, with no real or lasting passion, energy or forward progression. Nothing holds your focus and if you do get excited about something, it fizzles out before there’s momentum and you retreat to the comfort of your usual routine and excuses. The bad news is no one is coming to save you. The good news is you ca

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