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    Worry Break: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Less Stress (Part One)

    Many years ago, on my journey to discovering “who I am,” my therapist told me that I was under chronic stress. Baffled, I said, “No, not me.” There was nothing new going on in my life that was putting added pressure on me, but he pointed out that it didn’t need to be anything new. “It’s that you’ve reached the limit of your capacity to cope and it’s starting to affect your health,” he said. Looking back, it made sense. I had a lot going on, for a while. My fiancé had died, leaving me a single parent of an infant and toddler. My aunt died. My sister had undergone major surgery. I was caring for my niece. I was going to school. I was advancing in my career, but struggling with insecurities. No

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