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You work hard. You're responsible.

And you do a LOT to help other  people.

But for all your ambition and do-goodery, you still aren't living the life you want.

Instead, you spend a lot of time worrying ...

About your money and why there never seems to be enough.

About the work you do and why it's not satisfying. 

About your relationships and why the love you give never makes its way back to you.

You're here now because you've decided it's time to ditch the worries, ditch the drama and start living your epic life.


I'm Fay Ferguson, Epic Life Coach, and I'm so glad you're here 

I believe everyone has the power to break through obstacles and have the happy, abundant, epic life of their choosing.

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder and feel like you’re not being valued, building a business and feel like you can't give it the focus it needs to grow, supporting your family and feel like you need more time for yourself or transitioning through a major life change and feel like you need to find yourself again, you've come to the right place.

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My personal journey from pain to power

From a very young age, I struggled with loneliness, abandonment, rejection and depression, which subconsciously created unhealthy beliefs about my own worth—beliefs that I carried well into adulthood.

For years I believed that, in order to feel valued by the people in my life, I had to constantly prove myself. I had to be the leader and the caretaker, always putting their needs first. More often than not, this came at the steep cost of my own happiness and well-being.

I repeated that pattern so often and so long that I overextended myself—mentally, physically and emotionally—to the point of being stressed out and illness. I drank more than usual, reached my highest body weight ever, and my blood pressure and cholesterol were off the charts. I had even started experiencing panic attacks. 

It took losing my hair, which had become noticeably thin and lifeless, to finally make me say enough with the self-neglect.

I decided it was time to start prioritizing myself again.

I assessed my life and career, eliminating stressors and all the unhealthy connections I'd made. I learned to confidently say no to obligations that didn't feel right to me. I set goals, made a plan to reach them and celebrated every success, both big and small.


Within a matter of months my health started to improve. The panic attacks were gone. My hair was returning to its former glory. And I was back to my normal weight. For the first time in a very long time, I felt good about myself. 

It's now my mission to help people, just like you, feel that empowered about every area of your life, every day. 

  • Without restraint, I can eat cereal morning, noon and night

  • I just love: Scenic nature in all its beauty—trees, oceans, mountains, rain

  • You probably won't believe I'm a social butterfly who is shy and values solitude

  • What gets me moving: Go-G0 music! It's a DC thang! 

  • Most Proud of: Master's degree. I quit so many times, before I stop quitting

  • Most Devastating: Losing my fiance' and sister

  • Favorite Food: Anything in the carb category

  • If I must workout, it has to be a Zumba Party!

  • What you don't know: I can binge watch Netflix if it's a really good series

  • Belief: Everyone has the wherewithal to reach another, greater level of living if they choose.


Fay Ferguson is a Epic Life & Career Coach with 20+ years in personal and leadership development, human resources, training, coaching, mentoring and speaking.  She has used that experience to guide countless men and women through conflict, stress, confusion and overwhelm to create the life they want.  

Fay’s signature coaching method is based on her 11 principles of Epic Living, which focus on building self-awareness, reclaiming your own power and practicing abundance as a lifestyle.

Among her many accomplishments, Fay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and a Master of Arts in Counseling and Life Coaching. She’s certified in Human Capital Strategy (HCS), Human Resources Management (SHRM-CP), Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitation. Among friends, she's valued as a gifted problem solver, strategic thinker and compassionate listener.

When not working, Fay enjoys live music events, exploring new restaurants and spending time with her grandson in Washington, DC.

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