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    Epic Life



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      Imagine yourself…

      • Breaking through your toughest life and career plateaus…


      • Believing you can and you will make epic things in happen in your life


      • Living up to your fullest potential, being confident, staying focused and motivated and seeing your biggest plans become reality

      • Having the clarity, advice, support and accountability you need to achieve the progress you want

      • No longer feeling confused, unsure, unhappy or hopeless about reaching your educational, personal, professional or leadership goals

      The change you want begins with you!

      My Epic Life Coaching package will help you define, create, and start living your own epic life. No more standing on the sidelines talking about it. You'll be living a truly fulfilled happy life.


      Together we will:

      • Partner for your progress

      • Assess where you are and get crystal clear on where you want to be


      • Craft two to three S.M.A.R.T. goals to get you where you’d like to be


      • Develop a paint by numbers plan with precise action steps to achieving outcomes (no guess work here or being left on your own)


      • Get you clear, confident and courageous in handling your business and going after what you desire and deserve

      • Develop documents, emails, plans and other writing materials, as needed


      • Address any self-defeating behaviors that may rise up, attempting to block your progress


      • Keep you motivated and committed to the process and celebrate your wins, big and small

      This 3-month coaching package is ideal for you if you’re ambitious and driven, but struggle

      with overwhelm or prioritizing your own needs. AND you’re prepared to rise above your comfort

      level and invest in yourself because you believe you matter too.


      I’ll guide you in taking control of your life, learning to speak up for yourself, reclaiming your

      power and living more confidently. You'll kick those 'woe is me' feelings to the curb and step up to your rightful place.

      What’s included:

      • A pre-session survey

      • A 75-minute inaugural session to set the stage and kick off our amazing work together

      • Five 60-minute, 1:1 focused coaching sessions via Skype, Zoom or in-person

      • Copy of the call recording and my session notes  

      • Copy of 11 Principles for Living an Epic Life guide

      • Dedicated digital folder to track your progress, hold your action plan and call recordings, and share information and resources

      • Priority email access to me throughout the 3 months

      • My world class support and total commitment to you and your success

      This will be one of the best investments you make in yourself!

      My coaching clients receive the clarity and support they need to become their most UNSTOPPABLE, authentic, unapologetic selves. Client results include increased income, recognition in the workplace, improved self-esteem, confidence, better communication, healthier relationships, overall sense of happiness and accomplishment, and reduced stress, anxiety and indifference. 


      This is real life. No dress rehearsal. It's time to jump start your epic life and experience your awakening.


      Are you ready to be transformed? 

      This 3-month package will be invaluable to your life well after the three months, yet the

      investment is only $1,500, payable in installments.

      What happens next?

      Schedule a free 30-minute session below and respond to a short questionnaire. There’s NO OBLIGATION. This is a chance for us to talk and see if we click. Let’s go!


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