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#1 Reason You’re Stuck in a Rut

Are you beginning to feel angry and bitter because you’ve been waiting for something to happen and it hasn’t yet? Maybe a career promotion, commitment or an apology?

Did you experience a setback that‘s interrupted your normal and you can’t seem to get over it?

If your answer to either of these is yes, you’re probably stuck in a rut.

Being stuck in a rut can feel like you’re trapped in muck, with no real or lasting passion, energy or forward progression.

Nothing holds your focus and if you do get excited about something, it fizzles out before there’s momentum and you retreat to the comfort of your usual routine and excuses.

The bad news is no one is coming to save you.

The good news is you can get unstuck, if you choose. It’s a choice.

Here’s my best advice for getting unstuck, escaping your rut and getting yourself on a clear path to epic living.

#1 Release the past.

Let go of the past, and anything and anyone that hinders your growth and development. That includes negative thoughts, false beliefs, and past ideals. The past is over. While you may not be responsible for what happened or didn’t happen, you are responsible for letting go and starting anew. Your future, your happiness is all on you.

It’s time to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to kickstart the next chapter of your life.

#2 Accept what is.

Whatever you’re holding on to or not letting go of in hopes that things will be different or go back to like it was, let it go. Being mature is accepting the truth even if it hurts. Truth (and pain) is a powerful serum and catalyst for action and change.

"Truth (and pain) is a powerful serum and catalyst for action and change."

Bottom line, you can accept what is and act accordingly or you can continue being complacent, comfortable and in denial aka a rut. The choice is yours. Pain can only last if you refuse to let the past go.

#3 Level Up.

Understand that life is like most video games. It keeps leveling up, and you have to level up with it. What’s one small thing you can do today that will help you release the past and get on a clear path to living your epic life?

#4 Notice the fear.

Anytime you are stepping outside your comfort zone, you will experience fear. We all do. It’s time to stop hitting the snooze alarm on your life. To get out of your rut, you can’t allow fear to stop you. Feel the fear and take action anyway. Make the decision to try. Be willing to try something new, different. You’ll build confidence along the way.

#5 Develop a plan.

You can have a fulfilling and satisfying life where you feel good about yourself. I get that It's hard to move forward if you aren't clear on where you're going and what it takes to get there.

I know how you’re feeling. I’ve been where you are and know what it will take to get out of it. I’ve created a step-by-step process to help you go from stuck to unstoppable, and ultimately achieve epic living.

I believe with every fiber of my being that you can have the epic life and career you’ve been dreaming about. But it takes work and a plan. That’s what I do and I’d love to help get you unstuck. Click here to learn more.

(Photo via Unsplash)

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