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Looking for a highly skilled and experienced communications coach? Look no further! Drop a message in the form below and I will get back to you within 2-24 hours. Whether you have a question, comment, or are ready for 1 on 1 coaching, I am here to help you start your journey towards an epic life. With my guidance and expertise, you can improve your communication skills and achieve your goals. Don't hesitate, take the first step towards an epic living now!​

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Washington, DC


 (202) 596-6806

  • What is Communicate with Confidence?
    Fay Ferguson stands out in the consulting-coaching industry due to our unique approach in combining both strategic consulting and personalized coaching to help individuals and organizations cultivate strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Our team of experienced consultants and coaches are dedicated to providing tailored guidance, support, and tools to help you be you with more skill and thrive in today's fast-paced world. We understand that not everyone is naturally gifted with strong interpersonal skills, and we are committed to helping our clients develop the tools and strategies they need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. We prioritize building genuine connections and fostering meaningful relationships, and our services are designed to empower our clients to unmute their voice, communicate effectively, build and sustain connections, and deepen bonds with others.
  • What services does Fay Ferguson offer?
    Communicate with Confidence and Energy Coaching offered by Fay Ferguson focuses on developing strong interpersonal skills necessary for success in career and life. This coaching helps individuals tap into their inner potential and create positive change in every aspect of their lives. Through personalized coaching sessions, clients will learn to enhance their communication skills, exude confidence in their interactions, and harness positive energy to achieve their goals. Whether you're looking to excel in your professional life or enhance your personal relationships, this coaching will benefit you by equipping you with the tools and mindset needed to be you with more skill and thrive in all aspects of your life.
  • What is Energy Coaching?
    Energy Coaching with Fay Ferguson can help you tap into your inner potential and disrupt negative patterns that may be holding you back from being your best self. By working with Fay, you will learn techniques to take control of your energy, feel more vibrant and motivated, and create positive change in all aspects of your life. Whether you are feeling mentally or emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, or stuck in a rut, energy coaching can empower you to transform your thoughts, emotions and reclaim your power and take action to achieve your goals. Fay's approach is personalized, supportive, fun and focused on helping you make sustainable changes that lead to joy, fulfillment and success.
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