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Is What You Want Unattainable?

I speak with so many people through my work who want things that aren’t attainable for them, yet.

Some strongly believe they deserve a promotion at work. Some wish their kids would make better choices. Some really want to get married.

But, their expectations are not realistic, without putting some skin in the game.

Typically, I find that there’s a gap in how people view themselves and how they’re perceived by others. When I bring this gap to their attention, I’m often met with resistance.

Let’s say you want a promotion or leadership position in your career.

According to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation, a non-profit research organization in New York, being perceived as leadership material is essential to being promoted into leadership positions.

Did you know that your internal attitude is projected onto your external persona? If you lack confidence and a feeling of self-worth, it is reflected in how you approach people, and even by how you hold yourself and show up.

Your internal attitude is projected onto your external persona.

So, to make your career advancement goal attainable, you’ll need to work on building your confidence, increasing self-awareness, and seek out feedback from trusted associates about your potential blind spots. This will help close the gap on how you view yourself and how others perceive you, as well as determine if a leadership position is within immediate reach.

Using another example, let’s say you want to get married or be in a committed relationship.

Being in a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship is unattainable if you’re sitting on your couch on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons working, watching TV or still entangled with your exes. To attain what you want, you’ll need to get serious and intentional about getting in the presence of eligible bachelors, whether it’s online or going to places where they’re likely to be.

Is What You Want Unattainable?

Here’s how to determine if what you want is attainable: Assess your effort, energy and excellence towards attaining it.

Have you been building towards your goal, taking small action steps daily? Or did you decide overnight that you want something even though you’ve previously invested no time in achieving it.

The bottom line is this: if you’re not giving consistent effort, energy and excellence to attaining what you say you want, be it personal or professional, ask yourself why. It could be you don’t believe what you want is possible, fear is stopping you, you’re complacent with the status quo or ambivalent about what you really want.

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