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    Welcome, I'm Fay

    You know that restlessness you can’t seem to shake? Your growing unhappiness from living your life on others’ terms? Your feelings of powerlessness, guilt or being misunderstood? Those don’t have to be your normal.

    The peace, freedom, and abundance you desire is on the other side of choosing to do (and see) things differently. 

    That’s where I come in. Using my epic life principles, personal triumph, coach certification training, academic degrees, and signature 4C coaching process, I help high achieving, stressed, fixer-type women (and men) like you: ​


    • audit your life;

    • get unstuck;

    • reclaim your power;

    • prioritize your peace; 

    • figure out what you really want; and

    • kickstart your epic life journey. 

    I was once a chronic people pleaser with low self-esteem and little confidence, experiencing anxiety attacks, constantly stressed, feeling trapped, engaging in unhealthy habits and relationships, losing my hair, a single mom to now living my epic life. If I was able to go

    from pain to power, so are you! Let's talk.

    "The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing."

    ~Walt Disney 

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