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7 Secret Powers of Highly Successful Professionals (Who Stand Out in the Workplace)

Ever wonder how your colleagues get promotions, raises and awards, but you’re still waiting just to be acknowledged for your hard work?

When your climb from entry to professional level was fast and relatively easy, it’s hard to imagine that breaking into the next level would be any different. But here you are at this uncomfortable in-between stage in your career, where nothing is happening and it feels like you’re at a complete stand still.

But why?

You’re smart. Educated. A hard worker. And a good employee.

So why is it that your coworkers and friends are skyrocketing, and you seem to have hit a plateau?

This was the exact question that loomed over my head at one point earlier in my career. That is, until I discovered what I’m sharing with you. I had watched my colleagues—many of whom didn’t have the same level of experience, excellence or energy as I did—get recognized and awarded over me.

With each announcement of someone else’s promotion or raise, I grew more frustrated and more curious. I was both resentful and intrigued by how these seemingly less-than-qualified people were getting ahead.

What made them so deserving and not me?

After months of careful observation, and talking directly with many of these people, I noticed a common thread. A set of distinctly powerful, almost quiet characteristics they possessed—none of which had to do with their intellect or credentials.

I’m shedding insight on the seven qualities that I found most common.

Along with with each “secret power”, I share easy-to-apply tips on how you can tap into your personal power to stand out, get noticed and get ahead.

I hope these insights will inspire you to step up and boldly go after the epic success you deserve.

1. Authenticity

Being authentic begins with knowing what you stand for and what motivates you.

Highly successful professionals are magnetic in the workplace, because they consistently present their authentic selves to their colleagues and team. They’re comfortable in their own skin, which puts others around them at ease. And their work is aligned with their sense of purpose, which makes what they do seem effortless.

How to tap into your power of Authenticity:

  • Discover what motivates and excites you

  • Immerse yourself in projects that are engaging and interesting

  • Infuse your personality into the work you do

2. Integrity

Having integrity means honoring the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it might be.

Highly successful professionals are trusted in the workplace, because they manage every situation with integrity. They own up to their own mistakes and those of their team. They address challenges head on. And they don’t make excuses or assign blame to others when things go wrong.

How to tap into your power of Integrity:

  • Approach missteps as lessons to learn from, not mistakes to dwell on

  • Judge disagreements and differences with compassion and fairness

  • Strive for resolution and healthy compromise in situations of conflict

3. Execution

Execution is the cornerstone of big ideas and results.

Highly successful professionals are respected in the workplace because of their superior execution in everything they do. With strong organization and critical thinking skills, they’re able to strategically turn plans into action and get things done. They are disciplined with their time and energy and appropriately manage emotions—often meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

How to tap into your power Execution:

  • Set goals for yourself and prioritize your time and energy to accomplish them

  • Establish accountability measures for sticking to commitments and deadlines

  • Find and use tools to help manage your ideas and workflow

4. Excellence

The most inspiring careers are built by people who are innovative, forward-thinking, and constantly expanding themselves. That’s the power of excellence.

Highly successful professionals are hailed in the workplace for their commitment to excellence. They set a high bar for how their work is presented and perceived. That means they’re willing to roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with others to make sure any assignment or task is executed with precision.

How to tap into your power of Excellence:

  • Establish standards for yourself and your work that you can stick to

  • Invest in continuing education in your particular field and/or industry

  • Under-promise, but over deliver on quality and value

5. Resourcefulness

Being resourceful means being able to see the bigger picture, and mobilize people and assets to solve big problems.

Highly successful professionals are cherry-picked for leadership roles in the workplace, because of their resourcefulness. They maximize their own abilities and resources. They also leverage the strengths and skills of others to create a greater impact and achieve higher results.

How to tap into your power of Resourcefulness:

  • Discover and nurture your strengths, gifts and talents

  • Build meaningful relationships with people whose strengths complement your own

  • Focus on creating maximum impact with minimal effort and resources

6. Confidence

Confidence is a palpable energy that affects how others perceive you.

Highly successful professionals stand out in the workplace, because of the confidence and positive presence they bring. Their appearance, attitude and behavior radiate with an approachable boldness that makes others take notice and want to be connected with them.

How to tap into your power of Confidence:

  • Practice and perfect your public speaking skills

  • Wear clothes that feel comfortable, fit well and reflect your personal style

  • Participate in new activities that stretch your comfort zone and help you expand

7. Resilience

When failure, setbacks and roadblocks crop up, resilience is the essential power that helps you keep moving forward.

Highly successful professionals advance-up in the workplace, because they’re steadfast and resilient. They count every experience as a lesson and never make the same mistake twice. They know how to create the space they need to navigate challenges and not be overpowered by them. They are compassionate with themselves and don’t internalize things that don’t go the way they expected.

How to tap into your power of Resilience:

  • Establish standards and boundaries for your well-being

  • Create a daily self-care ritual

  • Identify and lean into a solid support system


Ready to own your power, stand out and become unstoppable in the workplace?

I work with leaders and ambitious professionals who are ready to breakthrough career plateau and build an effective professional brand to stand out and get ahead. If you’re ready to be known for the value you bring to the table and position yourself for exponential career growth, let’s put together a strategy to make it happen. Learn more and sign up here.

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