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Your journey to Epic Living starts here!

You know where you are now isn’t the end of the line. It can’t be. There’s so much more that you want for yourself.

And those feelings of restlessness? Powerlessness? Uncertainty? Fear? You want all that gone.

That's where Epic Life Coaching comes in.

What's Epic Life Coaching?

Well, when you're feeling boxed in, trapped, stuck, stressed and exhausted, 
whether personally or professionally, it's easy to lose sight of the life you want – to lose your

motivation, disengage or blame others for not having what you want.

But that's a victim mentality and you're no victim!

Epic Life Coaching is my signature 4C Process for getting you unstuck

and putting you back in control of your life.

It’s your chance to take advantage of my over 20 years in leadership roles in private and public sectors,

as well as my education and experience in counseling, coaching and mentoring

(plus my triumph over much adversity) 

to get laser-focused on kick starting your epic life journey.

It's possible! (I’ve helped many clients do it before.) 

You can be more confident and happy, and achieve epic living.

You can have the peace, freedom, and abundance that your soul is craving.

But it's a choice.

Are you ready to start living more for you and kick start your epic life journey?

Together we can:

Acknowledge the stressors, anxiety and sources of overwhelm and pain in your life

Develop your vision for the epic life and inner peace you desire and the path forward.


Address and overcome any potential roadblocks, including self-doubt, victimhood, low self-esteem, procrastination, dis-empowering beliefs and 'failure to launch' behaviors, that keep you from moving forward

Ready to kick start your epic life journey or

need guidance and support for a a specific situation?

“Through Fay’s coaching, I was able to reach a new stratosphere in my professional life. She helped me develop a long-term career perspective, which helped me not only maneuver more efficiently and passionately through the daily minutia of my work, but also helped me to strategically address my assignments in a way that benefited me both in my immediate and my future. I have grown so much! 


J. Badoe
Tulsa, OK

“Accepting my mother for who she is and learning to love myself was a very tumultuous experience. However, your affirmations and guidance gave me the strength to persevere. My journey to self-empowerment has been a lot easier, thanks to you!

D. Simpson

Washington, DC